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Achieve all the basics of advanced dog obedience PLUS most problem solving in just three weeks. Includes: 

  • 36 lessons for your dog.
  • 3 one-hour owner/handler lessons.
  • heel (walking at side with a loose leash).
  • sitting automatically when you stop walking.
  • sit-stay, down, down-stay and come from 15' with distractions.
  • go-to-place, drop-it etc. 

How do we do it?

  • Dogs practice calm behaviors outside in the real world, and right along side of other dogs.
  • Parental lessons begin as soon as day 4 in order to ensure transfer of new behaviors to home.
  • Dogs are transitioned off of treats by the end of the course, (with the exception of fear or aggression issues).

Developed over 40 years by the renowned Olde Towne School For Dogs in Alexandria, VA, and then refined into the Mann's Best Friend programs and principles taught here at L.A. School for Dogs. 

Online University:

​Packed with training videos and written courses

  • For those who prefer a "home schooling" alternative.
  • If you live more than 50 miles away from our school this course is for you!

Off Leash:
Yes, we CAN!  This course requires completion of our basic dog obedience course and prior approval.

Privates Obedience Program:
Series of 6 one-hour sessions designed for do-it-yourself-ers who want a more hands-on approach.  If you have the time to work with your dog at least two times per day while in training, this course may be for you. 

  • This course is airline approved professional obedience and includes completion certificate.

Puppy Head Start:  This program is for puppies from 10 weeks to 6 months. 
Call us for critical free advice to you regardless of the trainer you choose!

If you plan on taking your dog places, socialization to the environment, people, and then dogs is a must.  Puppies are the most receptive to new things up until 16 weeks when the opportunity to create a "bomb proof" dog begins to diminish.

Puppies do not yet have the attention span for formal training such as 'stay' or 'heel' on a short leash until they are closer to 6 months of age.  But there is so much to do including potty training, crate training, house training, how to deal with jumping up or biting and chewing.  We will also teach following on leash, socialization sit, lay down, come when called, etc.  Includes 3 one-hour lessons, written instruction, videos, plus unlimited telephone and email support.  

Proven Three-Week Program:  Most Popular

​Let us have your pet Starbucks ready in just 3 weeks!

  • For owners who desire a complete dog obedience solution or problem solving but have time constraints or lack the ability to self train. 
  • This course is airline approved professional obedience and includes completion certificate.​

Here we do the dog training for you and teach you to maintain it.  Achieve the results of board and train, without the cost or drawbacks of sending your pet away. 

  • They are home with you nights and weekends thereby reducing or eliminating the stress to your pet. 
  • The money you save is due to the costs normally associated with boarding your pet on top of the training.


Training Programs

So Many Dog Trainers, So Little Time!

Before you can decide what dog training program may be right for you, you should interview your potential dog trainer to see if you fit together.  This person should be a professional dog trainer with experience in more than one technique, lots of happy customer references and more than one method or tool in their toolbox.  It is just as important that the trainer evaluate you and your pet before promising anything or quoting you prices.  Some programs we offer are: