We are committed to providing you solutions to enhance your relationship with your pet.  Always do your research, and use your intuition when choosing your dog trainer!

With over 20 years of experience, our puppy training and dog training programs provide you with advanced results not readily found elsewhere.  We offer free dog training and puppy training tips both on the FAQs page and over the telephone.  We will teach you how to train your dog or puppy, or do it for you!  We can help you with most things including aggression, fear, anxiety, and more, and take pride in our programs designed to take you all the way to off-leash if that is your goal!

Jennifer Mann is the founder and lead dog trainer at L.A. School for Dogs. Known by her clients and friends as their 'doggie-guru'​​

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Before you can decide what program may be right for you, interview your potential dog trainer to see if you fit together. 

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Training Philosophy

The Yin and Yang of Professional Dog Training - What is right for you?

Every dog has a unique personality and disposition. Whether it is a fresh young puppy mind or an older dog, pure bred or lovable mongrel, a balanced dog training program is a must.  Even the most famous psychic or celebrity dog trainer cannot wave a magic wand and change every pets personality with only one tool in their toolbox.  Why?  Because dogs and puppies are individuals too. Any quality dog trainer will have more than one method in their dog training toolbox to suit each families situation.  And every dog or puppy will require a little more or less of each depending on their personality, breeding, and size.  Knowing how and when to apply different techniques is not a mechanical decision easily learned or taught, but an instinct that only the most successful dog trainers and puppy trainers have in their soul.  Reading canine body language comes easily to these 'dog gurus', and you will want one training you and your dog or puppy.

Some methods such as clickers and treats have been proven to get results fast, and work well for tricks or dog sports such as agility.  Most often however, if used exclusively for dog obedience, most pet parents unwittingly become "cookie-pushers" and get little respect when their pockets are empty.  With the exception of fear and aggression problems, we take pride in weaning dogs off of treats by the end of our programs.

Here at Los Angeles School For Dogs, we offer an approach that has culminated over years of research, schooling, and hands on dog training experience with renowned professional dog training experts across the United States. 

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Jennifer Mann owner and lead dog trainer

​L.A. School For Dogs


Our programs are designed to provide you results in as little as three weeks: 

  • Basic through advanced obedience in various social settings (we don't teach in a warehouse)

  • Puppy training and potty training solutions made simple

  • Socialization with people and other dogs

  • One-on-one dog training and human training

  • Off-leash training  

  • Airline approved dog training courses

  • Online dog training university

Help with the following problem behaviors:

  • Barking, chewing or digging

  • Stop jumping up

  • Stop pulling on leash

  • Help with aggression and fear

  • Help with separation anxiety